Hello Alla. 
Just thought I would send you a heartfelt thank you for the wonderful job you and your family did looking after Neo and Zeeva. It was so nice to come home to happy and contented dogs…
 …If you have cards made up I would love to have some as I have many friends who I would be more than happy to recommend you to.

“Parents” of Zeeva and Neo.

Just a quick note to say that we were very pleased with your services in looking after Coco while we were recently away on holidays.

 We really appreciated all of the pictures that you took and some of the training which you did.

 Needless to say, we will be recommending you to our friends and neighbors that have dogs.

 Coco and family.

Alla, from K9 Ottawa , stepped in and helped our family in a time of crisis. We have a canine family of 5 dogs, 4 of whom are rescues. We have a Shepherd mix, a Westie, a Cairn, a purebred Shepherd and lastly a King Shepherd, Sammy. Sammy came to us at 11 months…completely out of control. He had had no training and so began our journey. We worked very diligently with him and everything progressed slowly. He started to become a pretty well balanced dog. His car obsession was diminishing, he was a dream to walk on a leash, he seemed to fit right in with all the other dogs and even our extended family of dogs. We truly thought we had everything under control.

Our Cairn terrier however, had been the only male in the home for 3 years. In hindsight there were signs that we would eventually have problems but we ignored his growling at Sam, his ownership of our bed…growling at my husband when he came to bed…his “talking” back when he did not want to do something we asked of him. This all cumulated in a single grab and shake one night by Sam, 700 dollars of surgery for the Cairn and panicked owners.We thought our only hope was to rehome the King. No rescue organization would help and our ad on Kiijji did not find anyone committed to continuing training and with the appropriate yard etc.

I reached out to our trainer who stated it was above his level of expertise and could not help. I spoke with a behaviorist who informed me that one of her dogs had just killed one of her other dogs so “She no longer had the issue”. I cruiesd the net looking for help and trying to understand why and how this had happened when I had thought all was well. I put out a call to a nephew who has trained stock dogs for years and if anyone could help it would be him. Unfortunately he was on a circut of seminars and training sessions in Western Canada so was unavailable.

Then I found Alla! I reached out desparate for any kind of help I could get and she helped my panic by helping me realize that the issue was not agression on Sam’s part , even though there was an injury to our Cairn. She indeed made me see that we had been ignoring the smaller dogs behavior because, “He is just a little jerk.” She made us realize that while Sam must continue his training , our Cairn was probably in need of even more help to correct his behavior because he was indeed the instigator in the incident. Without Alla’s input and her kindness in reaching out to a total stranger over the internet, I may have sent Sam away, worried that I had an agressive dog. Having a better understanding , has allowed us to keep Sam and “the little jerk”, but rules have changed dramatically. No more out of control rushes to the door… Dogs line up and are let out one at a time when their names are called. All dogs take turns in the crates for rests so the house is never out of control. All dogs wait to eat until they have been given a release. No little dogs sleeping on beds and only sit on the couch with us IF they are given permission. 

Alla’s insight of canine behavior has changed our home dramatically. We have become much more structured in dealing with our multi-dog family… and much happier. Alla changed our lives AND the lives of our dogs! 

Don’t know what else to say……Thanks from us all.

 June J.

I have now been a client of K9 Ottawa for over a year. Since the very first day, Alla made sure that my dog Clifford was welcome in her home. 

Clifford is exceptionally cared for in very capable hands of Alla Gurova. He is taken on numerous walks per day, including swim time (his favorite) during the summer. Alla provides a safe environment for Clifford to exercise, spend time with his doggy friends and improve his behaviour. Not only is K9 Ottawa a fun and safe place for Clifford, but also an educational one.  I would highly recommend K9 Ottawa to other dog owners, whether you are looking to get away for the weekend or perhaps want to let your dog burn some energy! 

 Liz and Clifford.

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful service you provide. We are so fortunate that we found you.  I have never had someone who cares and loves our dog so much.  You take great care of her and she is so happy when she goes and comes back.  You are truly a blessing.  We never worry about what we will do with Fenway when we go out of town and you are always very accommodating – whether its short notice, one night or one week.  The bonus in your picking her up and dropping her off is immeasurable.  This service is worth its weight in gold.    

 Yasmin and Fenway

Hi Alla,

Thank you for taking such good care of our Amie when we went on vacation.  She was so happy while we were away.  We are using your suggestions regarding her pulling on the leash when we walk her and her having good manners at the front door.  We also appreciate your bathing and trimming her.  As you can appreciate, keeping a cute little white dog, ‘white’, is an enormous challenge.


Amie Balanaser and Bala, Paule and Marielle

Thanks again for taking such good care of our little girl. It’s so nice being able to go away knowing that she is with such loving people and being given the best care and training (albeit reminders for some things). The pictures and videos keep us in touch and we looked forward to new ones being posted while away. We have absolutely no hesitation in asking you to take her the next time we head out of town and will gladly recommend your services to others. We’ll have to get together so that you can train her owners though (lol). John, Brenda, Brandon and Pugsy

….During the three weeks that our pets stayed at “K9 Ottawa” while we were away on our Christmas vacations, we felt very closed to them because you kept us well informed, also we enjoyed a lot all of their pictures you upload, and we could appreciated that our dogs were having good time at your place.We appreciate all the advise you gave us regarding better feeding and how to lead our dogs. When you brought our dogs back home, we could see that you took great care of them, they got little bit sad after you left and wanted to follow you.  Thank you and your family for taking such a good care of our beloved dogs, for sure we will ask you to board them again and definitely we gladly recommend your services.   

 Rocio & Martin, “parents” of Chico and Nina