Mobile Classes

These classes are available only for dog owners from Kanata, Stittsville, Dunrobin, Carp and Nepean (Bells Corners and Bayshore) areas. 

All classes are for only one or two dogs and they run at your place. 

If in the class is only one dog we will finish each class sooner (it will take about 40 min) and in the end of the class you will have short Private lesson (15-20 min) . The cost of the Mobile classes is:

$340 (HST included) for 2 dogs in a class from different owners

$450 (HST included) for one dog in a class. 

All classes include 7 lessons 1 hour each.

If there is only one dog (or two dogs from the same family)  in the class we can adjust time, date, location and number of the lessons per week. 

Puppy Classes 2-6 months old:

The key to developing a healthy, rewarding relationship with your dog lies in getting off to a good start with him as a puppy. There is an art to raising a puppy that is not solely the domain of naturally gifted. It can be acquired by any responsible owner; what is needed is a desire for true companionship, an openness to learning, and a willingness to invest time and energy in caring for and training the puppy.

The more informed you are on the background, development, and training of your pup, the more you will approach him with the patience and understanding necessary for an enjoyable and rewarding relationship. In these classes you will learn about canine behavior and body language, how not to develop and how to prevent issues in dog’s behavior from happening, more educational games and socialization.

I’ll answer all your questions you might have related to this dog’s age.

Behavioral and Basic Obedience, 8+ months old.

Never work against Mother Nature.

The most important part in establishing relationship with your dog  is understanding. Dogs are dogs, and their dignity lies precisely in that fact. Dogs don’t have to become human to merit our esteem, and our relationships are much richer when we approach them as they are. In these classes you will learn more about dog’s psychology, how they think and learn… Your dog will learn loose leash walking, sit, down, and come when called.

This course will provide plenty of practice with real life situations. We will discuss solutions to most common issues, what does it mean to be the leader for your dog, dog’s “needs” and “wants”… + obedience commands.

I’ll answer all your questions you might have related to this dog’s age.

Advanced obedience training

In these classes we will take simple obedience to the whole another level. Your dog will be introduced to off-leash obedience, urban agility and traditional agility.

Introduction to the clicker

In this class you will learn how to teach your dog to do tricks using a clicker. As soon as your dog gets the idea it will open endless possibility for you to teach your dog any trick. It will bring tons of fun in your life especially during long cold winter. 

If you’re looking for quick fix, you’re barking up the wrong tree – giving your dog the healthy, happy, adventurous life he or she deserves takes work and dedication. 

What people saying:

“We took the Introduction to the clicker mobile dog classes and loved it.  Aside from the convenience of having lessons in our own home it was also much more effective to be in a class of just our 2 dogs.  Alla is a great teacher; she has a great deal of patience with us and our dogs 🙂  She takes the time to explain not just what we should do, but why, and what the dog is thinking.  We have now a solid foundation to teach our dogs lots of fun tricks!

We really like Alla’s philosophy on dog training, she isn’t stuck to just one way like other classes we have tried. That is her strength compared to the other schools that either use only treats or harsh treatment. Alla will recommend the clicker for fun stuff, treats for others or no treats at all.

She also excels at helping dogs with behavioral issues.  For example our dog was scared to use the new step to go on and off our bed. We have tried by ourself different ways for a long time with no real success but in 5 minutes she taught him to get over his fear and use the step. As an old dog we are very happy he uses the step instead of jumping on and off the bed and aggravating his arthritis.

We highly recommend her classes!
Sophie, Jason, Blitz and Kenzo

For Christmas I received a Gift Certificate for Training our Dog THOR.
The opportunity to be able to work one on one with THOR rather than in a group meant we were in our comfort zone.
The sessions were informative, fun and upon completion of the training THOR has made significant progress.  I would highly recommend this program.
Before Denali and I took the “Behavioral and Basic Obedience Class” with Alla, Denali knew her basic commands, but she was a willful dog and rarely did as she was told without a fuss. I was seeing a massage therapist regularly for my shoulder because Denali puĺled on the leash. However, it wasn’t until an incident of aggressive object guarding that I decided Denali and I needed help.
Through Alla’s class, I learned about dog psychology, dog training methods, and dog needs and instincts. It was a revelation! With these principles in mind, Alla worked with Denali and I on loose leash walking; commands like Sit, Down, Sit/Stay, and Down/Stay; and fear response. During and since the course, we have also worked on behavioral issues specific to Denali. In all this, Alla has always made herself available whenever I needed advice.
It’s taken time and work, but now, I have a happy, obedient, submissive dog. Strangers on the street have remarked that she’s such a beautiful, well-behaved dog.
Alla is very passionate and skilled at her work. She came highly recommended to me, and I highly recommend her to you. 
Denali and V.