Testimonials Off-Leash Adventure

“We cannot say enough about Alla and her Off-Leash Adventure program.  We have been using her services for the past 7 months now and honestly do not know what we would do without her.  She has been in all honesty, a true gift to us and to our Lexa.  When you meet Alla for the first time, she has this very quiet, savvy and wise way about her and all of that translates to her relationship with our dog.  Her many years of experience with dogs truly shine through, which is really comforting. You can immediately tell that she loves what she does and cares deeply for the dogs in her care. Knowing that Lexa is in her care on a daily basis provides us with peace of mind.  More importantly than how we feel, is what we notice every time Lexa is picked up and dropped off.  When our pup sees the Off-Leash Adventure van drive up, we no longer exist, which is truly a wonderful thing to see.  Seeing Lexa look up at Alla with nothing but pure love knowing that for the next few hours, she is going to have the time of her life, makes us very happy! We have often wondered if we changed vehicles and bought a van the same color as Alla’s if we would get the same response when Lexa sees us come up our driveway because trust us, that is not quite the response we get now!

If you have been looking for a wonderful, fun, safe and loving off-leash adventure for your puppy, you need not look any further.  Give yourself and your pup a great gift and call Alla now! 

 Lexa’s parents.

I have been using Alla’s Off Leash Adventure for six months.

My one year old Weimaraner is full of energy, and Alla provides a fun, action packed environment for the dogs to play. My dog, Rio, has become very social and this I owe to Off Leash Adventures. Rio meets and plays with an assortment of other breeds. It’s amazing to know that if my day is packed, I can call Alla and know my dog will come home happy and tired. 

Having Alla  in our lives has been a god send!  Oscar, our mini-golden doodle pup has tons of energy. Having enough exercise has a huge positive impact on his behaviour but with our busy lives, its challenging to give him enough.  Oscar loves his time with Alla and comes home happy and exhausted.  Another benefit is that he’s extremely well socialized.  We never have to worry about how he behaves with other dogs.

We have complete confidence in Alla.  She is extremely professional, conscientious and takes safety very seriously. Try it out. You and your dog will love it!

Oscar’s parents.

Thank you Alla for all the work you’ve done with Lola. Getting a new puppy is exiting but also challenging at the same time. You made it easy for my wife and I who work full time to be able to get a puppy. House training Lola was a breeze because she was always able to go outside when she needed to do her business thanks to you. Even though when we first got her she wasn’t able to join you on your pack walks you were still able to let her out to the bathroom when you picked up and dropped off Quinn. Not to mention all the work you do with them to stimulate their minds during the pack walks. Australian shepherds are busy dogs. Thanks to you when we come home from work at the end of the day the dogs are wiped out from their time with you. A tired dog is a happy dog! Thanks again! 

Elias, Paulina, Quinn and Lola!

An extract from an email: “…  when Billy is the only one we spend more time playing/interacting between him and I. For example today you saw the picture Billy standing on a fallen tree. This simple exercise was a quite challenging for him. He use to jump over but now I asked him to stay on. He learned to listen to what I am saying, pay attention and control his energy. We also play hide-and-seek, fetch, visiting horses and chickens, doing agility, loose leash walk… There is always something depending on what he is up to on that day….” –  “… That is brilliant and like I said before he enjoys going to your place, I forgot to tell you, the other day he was waiting at the gate for you, looking at every car that went by! … Since Billy has been going on these adventures he has become more sociable with other dogs…” – Sharon.

“For the past year Willie has been an “only” dog since the passing of his lifelong buddy Toby. He was quite lonely so I was very interested when Alla told me about her Off Leash Adventure Program. The program would provide Willie with mental and physical stimulation that I hoped would cheer him up. He would be outside interacting with other dogs and also learning agility. Willie has been going once a week for a couple of months now and he loves it. I’m amazed at what Alla has taught him to do and I really enjoy the pictures she takes of him. Willie always looks like he is having a great time whether it’s doing agility or just running with his new dog friends – Kim