Good to Know

  • Dog Food guide for pet lovers
    Different dogs need different types of food, and the kind needed can vary based on the dog’s stage of life, general health and special needs. This means your dog’s needs can change over time, so knowing which … Read more
  • Important !!! Deadly for your dog !
    Typical dog reactions to poison: Vomiting or diarrhea Irregular heartbeat Dilated pupils Difficulty breathing Pale gums Swollen abdomen Muscle tremors Bloody/painful urination or defecation Bleeding from any orifice If your dog has any of these symptoms, it … Read more
  • Law and your dog
    If you die or get ill, your Lucky’s luck may run out. Animals are considered property – like a house, or money – and unless you’ve made provisions, your doggy could end up living out its last … Read more
  • Canine Vaccine Guidelines. Revised
    In 2005, AAHA’s Canine Vaccine Task Force met to re-examine and revise guidelines on the use of vaccines in dogs. The results of the Task Force’s work are summarized and tabulated in this article and are published … Read more
  • Important !!! Poisonous Plants for Dogs.
    A lot of plants we surround us with might be poisonous to our beloved pets, plants you take for granted in your home and in your garden. For your information we have gathered information about the plants, … Read more