The programs we offer:

Off-leash adventure”.   – pick up your dog from your home, take it to our property for one hour off-leash play and bring it back. The private area is about 2 acres and fully fenced with open field and forest. 

Walk and Train – 10 of 1 hour walks/visits, where professional dog trainer will teach dog of proper behaviour during 1 hour walk

Mobile classes.7 lessons 1 hour each in your place. More information here...

Private lessons. – The private, in-home dog training,

For prospective dog owners. – If you think about getting a puppy or adopting an adult dog

Every moment you are with your dog you are training your dog, whether or not you realize it.
The training continues when your dog is left alone; behavior is created and changed by what your dog finds to be rewarding.  I will help you to understand your dog.

People often think that if they pay for dog training, the dog will learn exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. But even the best trainers say that dogs learn at their own pace, 

  Training your dog is not just about paying a trainer. It requires your own time and effort to build a strong relationship with your dog. You can’t expect instant results like fixing a car. Training works on the dog’s schedule, not yours. Good trainers love helping dogs and owners