Off-Leash Field Trip Adventure

This program is available only for dog owners from Kanata North and Dunrobin area.  Pick up your dog from your home, take it to our property for one hour off-leash play and bring it back

After a few years of working with dogs as a trainer, I could see a huge difference in dog’s behavior when it is bored and when it is well exercised. I try to help to dog’s owners as much as I can to have a well-balanced happy dog. This is the reason why I would like to offer you a new program “Off-leash adventure”.  

I will pick up your dog from your home, take it to our property for one hour off-leash play and bring it back. The private area is about 2 acres and fully fenced with open field and forest.  If you have a young, active, social dog that needs some extra exercise, or you simply need some help during a busy week, “Off-leash adventure” program is for you. During the one hour off-leash play I will have one-on-one time with each dog to learn/practice some agility skills and obedience commands. Plus, your dog will be introduced to farm animals, such as horses, chickens, sheep…  Nothing helps balance a city dog like an hour long, off-leash outing in nature with a pack of like-minded canines!  

Please note that our group walks are open to socialized and friendly dogs. This program is not intended to replace training for dogs needing socialization & behavioral shaping . 

Requirements your dog must meet.


      • Proof of current vaccination (Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, Bordatella or Titer test).

      •         All dogs must be neutered/spayed with the exception of puppies.

      •         Must be well socialized, not aggressive or overly dominant.

      •         Wear an identification tag with dog’s name, your name and phone number at all time.

      •         Has been under your guardianship for at least 6 weeks.

      •         Your dog(s) has to be on flee preventative measures and cannot been infected in the last 30 days. 

    How to get started.

    Contact us and we will schedule a free “meet-and-greet” visit at your home or at our place. Prior this visit we will send you a Client agreement, Waiver and Dog’s profile forms. You will have enough time to read it through and we will discuss all questions you may have during the visit.  Once the consultation is complete, we will go over any additional information and requests. 


    Daily rate is $35 (HST included). For the second dog from the same household 50%off. Cash,  e-transfers or checks are acceptable.