About Us

 K-9 Ottawa Dog Training is run by Alla Gurova. Alla has had a passion for training dogs all her life. She was training dogs for several years in Russia before moving to Canada. She has found her true calling in using experience, education and the skills to help people overcome the unwanted behavior in their dogs and promote a healthy stable relationship between them.

Alla is a Canadian certified Dog Trainer. She has good experience with different dog training styles from basic obedience to guardian dog that you can benefit from. Alla continues learning new methods so she can find the most suitable method of training for the dog and your life style. She believes that establishing the right relationship between owner and dog is a lifelong commitment. Training is only a small part of it. By using a positive approach Alla will help you to become the leader of your dog.

 K-9 Ottawa Dog Training offers a full range of  Dog’s Off-Leash Adventure,   Personal Dog Training and Dog Group Classes Training programs. Whether you’re  planning to get away or just need a dog-free time,  I’ll pick up  your dog at any time between 8am. and 3 pm. for a 1 hour of play. If your dog needs help learning his manners, we can take care of it all, too.

We live in quiet forest area. Your dog will run off leash in the fenced backyard and have a lot of attention.

Our whole family are dog lovers. We will ensure the needs of you and your dog are met. We’ll make sure it’s always looked after while you’re away to give you complete peace of mind.

Alla holds a valid and current criminal records check

References can be provided if requested