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Serve Kanata, Stittsville, Dunrobin, Carp and Nepean (Bells Corners) areas.

The programs we offer:

  • Off-Leash Adventure.
  • Walk and Train
  • Mobile classes.
  • Private lessons.
  • For prospective dog owners.
  • Online consultations.

Dogs are a product of the environment we create for them. Every moment you are with your dog you are training your dog, whether or not you realize it. The training continues when your dog is left alone; behavior is created and changed by what your dog finds to be rewarding. It is up to the human to protect the dog and to put together an environment that creates desirable behaviors. I will help you to understand your dog and fix the problems.

“The problem with dog training is that society is set up to believe that you can buy a service and have things the way you want in a certain time frame. People look at dog training as if they’re spending their money on a product. And yet even the best dog trainers will tell you the dog takes its own time, and no one can guarantee a dog will be doing what you want from it when you want from it.

The other problem is that even if your trainer can get it done with your dog, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to. Getting a dog right takes an amount of commitment on the owners part to develop the same type of relationship that the trainer has, otherwise how can you expect from your dog for yourself what your trainer gets, when it’s they who have put in the dog, time and sweat, the patience and the desire to get along with that dog? You aren’t spending money on a tune up for your car that you can take home and drive.
The fact that money is involved leads people to believe they deserve something for what they paid, and they do, but, it happens in the animals’ time, not the humans. I think any good trainer would say they would do this for free if they could, just to help dogs and people. And yet, we all have to eat…”